Discover, Transform and Awaken into your true authentic self through gentle Chiropractic Care

Our specific gentle technique teaches our nervous system new ways to navigate through life and adapt.

Through gentle contacts in Network Spinal, we are able to teach your body how to spontaneously and effortlessly unwind from tension held in our nervous system allowing more energy that can be available for healing, growth and expansion. 


Are you seeking more in your life?

Let's begin your journey to more together!

At Emerge Chiropractic, we understand that every individual's journey towards healing is unique. Dr. Ali brings a wealth of experience and a gentle, personalized approach to your care. Let's be partners in your journey to experiencing infinite possibilities. 


Meet Dr. Ali Harpp

I have had my life changed through Network Spinal Care and I am so excited to be called to share this gift with the Upstate area and the world! After recieving traditional chiropractic care since I was born, I stood strong in knowing about the miraculous power the body has to heal itself. However after entering school to begin my journey towards becoming a Chiropractor, I knew there was MORE out there for us as a collective. All of my big questions, aspirations and dreams were answered when I started learning about and experiencing Network Spinal Care and I am so excited to share in this experience along side you! 


Unlock Your Potential with Emerge Chiropractic

Here is what to expect
Book An Evaluation

Book An Evaluation

In depth conversation for Dr. Ali to get a deeper understanding on your current physical, mental and spiritual health and what you want MORE of going forward. As well as a postural screening and a full assessment to gather information on what is going on in your nervous system. .
Get a Custom Plan and experience Network Spinal!

Get a Custom Plan and experience Network Spinal!

In the next visit you will have a sit down with Dr. Ali to go over her findings as well as receive your first Network Spinal Entrainment! After this you will discuss a unique care plan for you based off her findings.

Ready to Experience life Authentically YOU?

Discover how our chiropractic care can transform your health and therefore your life